Differences Between Women's and Men's Skin + Finding the Right Skincare for Them
Aug 22, 2019

Is there all that much difference between women’s creams and men’s grooming products? First, you should know that there are several important factors that differentiate men’s and women’s skin.    Skin Thickness and Texture  A man’s skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s. Androgens such as testoste..

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Common Skin Concerns and Solutions
Aug 16, 2019

Everyone has good and bad days when it comes to their skin. Yes, everyone. Including those who seemingly have poreless, airbrushed facade. Ultimately, we all have our own battles to face (e.g. Annoying Skin Concerns) but the good thing is that there's a solution for everything. There's got to be, ri..

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Importance of Sun Care
Aug 7, 2019

You wait all year round to have some fun under the sun. Now that it's summer, there's no holding you back. But if you have too much fun and get exposed in the heat for too long, a whole slew of skin problems can result. You name it: Wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, other signs of skin ageing. Of course,..

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Ways to Develop A Skincare Routine
Aug 1, 2019

The key to maintaining a glowing complexion that'll make heads turn? It's developing a custom skincare routine that addresses your unique needs — and sticking with it. Here’s how you can create the perfect skincare routine.   Recognize your skin type  Understanding your true skin type is the key to ..

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Why Choose Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
Jul 19, 2019

'Cruetly-Free'. You may have encountered this term a lot in your quest for the best beauty products, but do you have a deeper insight into what this label means? Simply put, when a product is named 'cruelty-free' it means a brand did not test their products on animals at any stage of production of t..

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Natural Skincare Tips For Summer
Jul 11, 2019

Can't wait for all the activities lined up this summer season? Blow them all away with your confidence...and clear, glowing summer skin, to boot! Here we have some ways to rock your summer skin with a routine that's truly good for you.  Make SPF your best friend  This season, the one thing you shoul..

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Avoid These Toxic Chemicals Found in Most Hair Dyes
Jun 24, 2019

Most of us are guilty of dying our hair every now and then. After all, it’s an easy, quick and inexpensive way to shake things up a bit and change our look!  Hair dyes are notoriously full of toxins, though. The FDA does not regulate each ingredient that goes into a hair dye product before it hits t..

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Dangers of Toxic Ingredients Found in Your Skincare Products
Jun 17, 2019

We all buy our skincare products with hopes of targeting our specific issues and improving the overall condition of our skin. But what happens if they actually end up doing the opposite? What if your favorite face cream, moisturizer, and cleanser do deliver short-term smoothness and brightness, only..

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10 Skincare Myths
Jun 11, 2019

Today, we're debunking the most widely believed skincare myths. What's fact and what's fiction? It's been a long time coming and finally, you’ll know the truth! P.S. You're welcome! Oily foods are the root of all your acne  Experts say that there is no correlation between your favorite fries (and an..

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