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Why Choose Organic Skincare for Children

A parent wants only what's best for their kids. In skincare, whatever blunders we committed on our skin (when we didn't know any better), we certainly don't want to make those same mistakes with our kids. Maybe that's why you're here--you are on the lookout for the best products you can be assured are safe for your children's everyday use. 
It's not new news that most skincare products have some form of additives, which, needless to say, are quite harmful to the extra sensitive and vulnerable skin of kids. Then again, there are also variants that are completely toxin-free and contain simple natural and organic ingredients...that is, if you know where to look. But before we tell you the best place you can shop for natural and organic skincare for kids, we'll first do a kids' edition of why going the clean beauty route is the best way to go. 
It keeps your child's skin moisturized 

One of the biggest concerns that parents have with their children's skin is that it's more prone to dryness that eventually leads to scratching, irritation, sores, and cracked skin. They simply need more hydration in their skin so make it a ritual to lather their skin with moisturizer or lotion that is suited best for their skin. Also, products that contain toxins are known to dry out skin so make sure you're reading the labels of the products you use! Anything that's sketchy and hard to read is probably not right! 


It helps with their growth and development 

You might think, what's the connection between skincare and a child's growth? Answer is, both aspects are intertwined more than we think! Kids need nutrients like vitamin D to facilitate consistent growth. These nutrients are also vital in developing skin cells which ultimately protect vital organs that can resist bacteria and germs to enter the body. When your child is exposed to toxins--these so-called endocrine disruptors--then they might face complications along the way.
It inculcates protection for the environment 
Parents have the duty to educate their children so they can be more responsible adults in the future. Responsibility in the society covers a lot of things, one of which is the conservation of the environment. When you start to expose your kids to little eco-conscious ways and choices (in this case, choosing organic skincare products that have minimal carbon footprint), you're setting an example for them as they grow up. 
It gives you peace of mind 
Between managing play dates, deciding the dinner menu that everyone can agree on, and budgeting bills, parents have a lot of things going on for them. Might as well help ease your woes a bit from potential complications your child could get exposed to. Prevention is better than cure, right? So give your kids skincare products that are expert-proven safe and would give you peace of mind. 
Are you shifting to cleaner skincare for your kids? Browse through the Zafra website--the perfect place for all your natural and organic skincare needs! 

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