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Best Oils for the Skin

You don't need to search high or low to find the best holy grail for your skin. Sometimes the best remedies to your skin issues may easily be resolved through the simplest and most basic forms. Strip away other ingredients and you have essential oils that are nature's gift to your skin's well-being. Used for centuries, certain oils extracted from fruits or plants are known to have moisturizing and antibacterial qualities that your skin needs. What's more, they're easily cheaper compared to high-end cosmetic products (which also have unnecessary toxin ingredients)! Take a look at some of the best essential oils you can use to target certain skin issues! 
Coconut Oil 
It's the head of the pack. You've heard it from someone at some point--coconut oil is your best bet if you have dry skin. Rich in Vitamin E and with antifungal and antibacterial properties, this oil (look for cold-pressed, unrefined variant) can be part of your daily regimen for moisturizing and protecting your skin against psoriasis or eczema. A word of caution, though. Make a skin test first if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. 
Olive Oil 
When you hear the word Olive Oil, one word comes to mind: Healthy. Yes, it's loaded with benefits for your whole body, both on the inside and out. For your skin's end, Olive Oil is great as an antioxidant, getting rid of the impurities on your face. Like Coconut Oil, it's rich in Vitamin E to combat certain skin issues. It's also packed with moisturizing properties. 
Shea Butter 
You'll often find this ingredient in many cosmetic products, and for good reason: with its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it is known to soothe, tone, and condition your skin. From getting rid of stretch marks to preventing wrinkles to treating acne and blemishes, this is a wonder oil that you'll find irresistible.  
Argan Oil 
If you want a nongreasy moisturizer, Argan Oil is one of the lightest oils you can opt for. It is ideal for use every day, but it's also a great remedy for issues like rosacea. Because it's rich in fatty acids, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties that are key to treating a condition like rosacea. It leaves your skin radiant and free of radicals. 
Which oil will you try today? Which one have you already tried? How was your experience with it? 

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