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Common Men Skin Issues and the Solutions

Daunting at best and confusing at worst. That's how skincare seems like for many, especially when you're a guy. We're not saying that every single guy on the planet is totally clueless half of the time about how to do proper skincare--but if you've reached here and you're one of those who don't know much about skincare and are having certain skin issues at the moment, we're here to help. We have short, simple solutions for you! 
Oily skin 
It comes as no surprise that men often experience oily skin because their sebum production works higher than women's. Sebum is a substance secreted from the glands underneath the skin which is essential for hydrating and protecting the skin. Mitigate excess oil production on your face by cleansing twice a day (once in the morning and once before going to bed) using a gentle oil-free cleanser made for men. Twice is enough because if you exceed that it might cause dryness, leading to breakouts and even more oil. It also works to exfoliate once or twice a week just to get rid of dead skin cells that accumulate due to your active sebaceous glands. 
Men suffer from acne too. Because they tend to have oilier skin, they are naturally more prone to acne and blemishes. Breakouts can happen often no matter the age--and that's perfectly normal. When you're always exposed to dirt outside and when you're often sweating, all these can accumulate and clog your pores, causing your skin to get irritated and eventually break out. To avoid breakouts, make sure to cleanse properly! 
Age spots 
When you're frequently exposed to the sun and rarely apply sunscreen, this will result in age spots showing as early as in your late 20s to early 30s. If you haven't had enough reminders yet, here's another reiteration: wear sunscreen whenever you are outside. Your exposure to UV rays can also cause other ageing effects like wrinkles, sagging skin and dullness. 
What other skin issues are you currently experiencing? How are you trying to treat them? 

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