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How to Get a Healthy Summer Glow

Here comes the sun! With warmer-weather clothes, flaunt your bare limbs and shoulders that look best with your skin's healthy glow and gleam. Behold, the get-lit tricks that will give you that gorgeous look.
Welcome your best friend: Sunscreen! 

Remember, a summer glow is impossible to achieve when you’re sunburned, so don’t skimp on the daily sun protection! Sunscreen is especially important in the summer when your skin is more prone to burning. You'll like a facial sunscreen that is lightweight and made to wear under make-up; this type doesn’t weigh down your skin, leave residue, or feel sticky in any way. Make sure it's toxin-free too! Just as you don't want to absorb the bad vibes from your friends and the other people around you, so should you not want the same thing from your sunscreen! 
Get sweaty 
Yeah, humid weather leaves you feeling sticky from the sweat but look at this from another perspective--sweating is good for your skin! A good cardio sesh can make skin come to life: It speeds up your heart rate and ups blood flow to the brain, and that’s reflected in the face. Cue that lit-from-within look that lasts long after your workout.
Take beauty rest seriously 
Summer nights can feel like there's so much to do but so little time. While it may feel like sleep is the least of your priorities during a fun-filled summer season...please, don't give up on sleep. Skin’s restorative powers kick in when you snooze, specifically between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., says sleep specialist Michael Breus, PhD. If you’re up at that time, you’re missing out on benefits like cell turnover and collagen building.
Exfoliate and moisturize 

It goes without saying that exfoliation is a must-do step in skincare. When dry, dead skin piles up, light scatters off the face in different directions, which is perceived as dullness. Getting rid of those cells allows light to bounce off in one smooth direction. The easiest way to buff with a light chemical exfoliator. Additionally, moisturization will help you boost your summer glow, so never miss this step even when it's humid outside and it feels sticky. And as our #1 rule here at Zafra, make sure that the skincare products you use are toxin-free and filled with goodness from the Earth! 
What are your healthy summer glow must-dos? 

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