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Ingredients You Should Avoid in Baby Care Products

It's true that we can’t control everything that happens in our children’s lives, but we can take hold of certain things--like the products we use on them, or expose them to. We're always so particular about giving them the healthiest meals, but it is just as important to give them the healthiest products. We might not realize this, but everyday baby products like shampoos, lotions, bath gels and sunscreens contain ingredients that can be extremely harmful. These ingredients have the potential to cause short term or long term health issues.   

Mineral Oil

Most baby oils in the market are made up of mineral oil which is commonly used because it is cost-effective and easy to source. However, mineral oils can clog pores and prevent skin from breathing. It also forms a layer over delicate baby skin, hindering the natural release of toxins from their bodies. Baby oils may also contain a vegetable glycerin mixed with grain alcohol called PEG or PPG. Although, the ingredient may seem safe and natural, the process involves synthetic chemicals which can cause hives or even eczema.


As pleasant as it may be, Fragrance is a big ‘no-no’ for your baby’s sensitive skin. These fragrances are often made up of phthalates which studies have shown, could potentially cause liver or kidney damage.


Parabens are used in products to inhibit bacterial growth and extend a product’s shelf life. While not all may cause harm, certain parabens have been found to give rise to tumors. There is no proof on which ones are harmful which is why it’s best to avoid them. Look out for ‘paraben-free’ products when shopping for your baby.


These chemicals are hormone-disrupting ones and are very commonly used in cosmetics and other consumer products as emulsifiers or foaming agents. TEA can cause allergic reactions which include dryness of hair, skin and eye infections and can also be toxic if continually absorbed by the body over a long duration. Needless to say, keep your baby far from products which contain sulphates.

Artificial Coloring 

The chemicals that contribute to the fun colors on your baby's personal care products are no fun at all. In fact, studies show that dyes in products used on the skin are extremely damaging, yet are still used and sold on a daily basis. Many dyes have the potential to cause horrible health issues, such as chromosomal damage, tumors, hyperactivity, lymphomas, neurochemical effects, asthma, insomnia, allergies, and eczema.  


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