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Tips to Avoid Halloween Skin and Hair Nightmares

Halloween is a time when we can ironically get spooky and have fun with the frights. In between ghost stories, nightmare encounters with people you've just met, and the frightening sugar rush from all the sweet treats, we think that there's still not a worse scary story during this time of the year than the skin and hair damage you might get from your Halloween costume. Yes, let's admit that your ghost bride look is incredibly amazing. But when you strip away all that thick makeup, will the damage to your skin be worth it? 
Still we're no party pooper, and reminding you of some skin and hair costume mishaps doesn't mean you can't have fun during the celebrations. Here are some tips you can try so your skin and hair are protected while you go all out for your costumes!
Add a protective moisturizing layer before the makeup 
Before you get excited about the crazy makeup look you have lined up, make sure to do your skincare first, particularly, your moisturizer. This skin essential not only makes your skin more supple and soft under the cold conditions of the autumn season, it also serves as a protective barrier against the harsh ingredients of face paint and costume makeup. 
Wash up your face before you cap off the celebrations 
Halloween parties can get fun, crazy, and if we're being honest, energy-draining. By the time you get back home, you're going to want nothing else but drop to your bed, sleep--still wearing a costume and all. Now, hold up! Use that little bit of energy remaining to at least wash off the makeup. Because first, you don't want the permanent stain on your sheets. And second, and more importantly, you don't want to irritate your skin from the usual harsh ingredients of face paint and costume makeup. 
Wash off temporary hair color as soon as possible 
Excited about trying a new hair color to go with your look? That's truly thrilling! Just be mindful of temporary colors because although they are washable and commitment-free, they also have the tendency to stick to the ends of the hair because that part is most porous. Depending on the brand, temporary colors can also stain sensitive skin on your scalp. When cleansing, make sure to use a mild, clarifying, toxin-free shampoo, then lather, rinse, repeat until all the color is gone. Restore the moisture of your hair by applying a rich conditioner. Or better yet, just skip the temporary color altogether and wear a wig! No one will find a ridiculous wig strange on you during this time anyways! 
Have you ever experienced some skin and hair nightmares during the halloween season? What did you do about them? 

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