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Ugly Side of Beauty Products

Not all products with the word “beauty” attached to it can bring more beauty to your life. In fact, it could lead to the opposite. It could bring in chemicals that cause various diseases. Instead of contributing to your overall wellness like you've been promised, many beauty products can actually do you more harm in the long run because of certain damaging ingredients.

That’s the scary truth right there.

Watch out for the products that you apply on your skin. Take a look at the labels and you may be surprised by the alarming amount of chemicals that get in contact with you. If not acted upon immediately, you have higher chances of putting your skin at risk of these effects.


It isn't normal to have very dry skin for long periods of time. Some chemicals remove the natural oils from the skin, causing it to become very dry and flaky. The most frequent causes of dry skin are exposures to soaps and artificial moisture.


Some chemicals cause reddening, dryness, and cracking of the skin on contact. Irritation is most frequently caused by chemical-filled soaps, sunscreens and other products with artificial colors and fragrances.

Wrinkling and sagging

Watch out for products that contain Hydroquinone, a skin lightener that reduces dark blemishes. These permanently alter your pigment and weaken the elastin and collagen in your problem area – the very things that are key to keeping your skin firm and youthful.


Corrosive substances can cause severe or serious damage to the skin. A chemical burn can result from a brief exposure to a corrosive substance. Corrosive substances include strong alkaline (basic) materials or acids. Skin scarring is a common outcome.

Skin Cancer

Some chemicals found in beauty products contain cancer-producing substances. Look out specifically for products containing substances like formaldehyde, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, ethanolamines, oxybenzone, hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban and coal tar. When these come in contact with the skin, a malignant tumor may eventually form at the site of contact.

So what's the solution?

Your safest bet is to go for skin care products that are made from non-artificial ingredients like natural oils, plants (like seaweed, green tea), fruit extracts and fruit acids. These products are known to effectively treat the skin and nourish it. Most natural products have powerful antioxidants that assist in slowing down the aging process and creating a younger looking skin.

Skincare derived directly from nature is one of the best ways to get and keep your skin healthy and vibrant. For the best natural skincare products, check out the Zafra's Beauty Collection



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