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Ways to Grow Your Hair and Nails

Between breakage, and just seemingly no growth at all, it's always an endless saga of waiting for your hair and even nails to grow out. We feel you. It's such a struggle having the patience for your hair and nails to reach your desired length. But in order to achieve that, you first need to focus on one aspect: Strength. We're giving you a couple of tips to strengthen your hair and nails so you can see them grow longer at the pace you want. 
Watch your diet 
Start from the inside out. Watching your diet certainly plays a big role in improving the condition of both your hair and nails. In fact, it's often a sign that you're having underlying health conditions if there are visible problems with your nails and hair. Calcium is good for strengthening your hair and nails so go ahead and get your dose of calcium from dairy products (obviously) or if you're not into that, from surprising sources like yogurt, salmon, beans, almonds, and even leafy greens. Biotin is also an essential ingredient and you can easily get that from food like egg yolks, mushrooms, avocados, and sweet potatoes. 
Regular nail maintenance and haircut  
Having your nails done regularly keeps them in top condition. Your cuticles are trimmed and moisturized (to preserve that natural barrier), the nails are shaped so they could be prevented from splitting, and they also get to be inspected for problems like fungus or sores that need remedies. Home treatments can also be done when going out frequently is not an option. For one, you can try to soak your feet and hands in warm water and then scrub them with a soft brush under the water to keep them clean. This will prevent nails from infections through dirt and germs that effectively get captured under the nails.
Meanwhile, regular haircuts prevent the condition you want to avoid if you're trying to grow out your hair--you know, damaged, tired and breakable hair. Ideally, you can get your hair trimmed at least once every two to three months. 
Moisturize and massage
Nails, just like skin, need to be moisturized regularly. Massage them with a hydrating balm or nourishing oil. This will promote blood flow and, in turn, nail growth. As for the hair, a regular massage clears buildup in the scalp and provides the ideal environment for hair growth. Moisture is also essential for the hair as it keeps it pliable and hydrated. Without that moisture, the hair ends up becoming dry and brittle. 
Speaking of moisturizing the hair and nails--make sure to choose products that are packed with beneficial ingredients that help in strength and growth. Natural ingredients like coconut and olive oil can go a long way (Yes, literally!) and guess what? You can easily find products with these ingredients at Zafra! Check out our online shop for the best toxin-free products you've been looking for! 

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