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Ways to Keep Your Skin Radiant and Glowing During Cold Season

The cold winter months can tempt you to hide dull-looking skin under bundles of woolly layers and chunky scarves. Help your skin bring back that radiant glow above and beyond those layers during this season!

Eat right and stay hydrated

Your diet plays a big part in achieving that glow. Dieticians suggest eating foods that contain omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids, such as fish oil and flaxseed oil, to get that healthy glow from within. It also goes without saying that even when it’s cold and it’s rarely that you ever get thirsty compared to the summer season you should strive to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to help keep your skin supple.

Choose gentle, fragrance-free cleansers

The wrong soap can worsen itchy, dry skin. For instance, regular bar soaps may contain irritating ingredients and fragrances. Instead, wash with a fragrance-free, moisturizing cleanser or gel. You can also prevent winter skin problems by using less soap overall, so limit your lathering to necessary areas.

Don’t skip exfoliation

Exfoliation allows you to get rid of dead skin cells. Dead skin clogs your pores and makes the surface look dull. You can use a gentle exfoliator—preferably one that is natural and organic--to avoid irritating your skin.

Replenish your skin overnight

During the night, your skin is at its most susceptible to the efficacy of skincare, so it’s a great opportunity to load it with nourishment. You can use a face oil as this will help to lock in moisture without leaving the skin feeling greasy.

Moisturize for that healthy glow

In cold seasons, the skin can become rough out due to low humidity and a dry climate. Combat dry, flaky skin with a quality moisturizer. Light formulas will give your skin moisture without making it feel greasy. You can do this step after getting out of the shower to give your skin hydration and avoid excess oil build-up.

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