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What to Look for in a Deodorant

Safe, natural freshness without suppressing your underarm pores and its natural ability to perspire. As you find out the reasons why you should make the switch to natural and organic deodorant, you'll realize that better products really do work for your body rather than against it. 
It's not supposed to be antiperspirant 
The best kind of deodorant won't stop you from sweating. That's because if it's really safe for you, it won't contain aluminum, a sketchy ingredient commonly found in the usual deodorants, plugging your sweat glands from doing what they're supposed to do. Blocking the sweat glands prevents "good" bacteria from flourishing in your skin too, which shouldn't really be the case because the good bacteria actually help ward off body odor. What's more, studies show that aluminum may be linked to certain types of cancer! 
Eco-friendly packaging 
With so much trash ending up in landfills every year, sustainable and biodegradable options need to be more available, and your deodorant shouldn't be an exception. What we also love about most natural and organic brands is that they're more eco-conscious and put more effort into sustainable packaging. Deodorant in a cardboard container--how is this not the standard yet?! 
The stains spotted on your clothing's underarm area are caused by sweat mixing with your skin's natural bacteria and your deodorant. These white marks are made up of antiperspirant particles that contain ingredients that block pores. When mixed with sweat, these ingredients form solid stains that are often hard to remove and wash. You'll love how there are many natural and organic deodorant options that are now sweat-activated and stain-free! Perfect when you're usually active! 
It's all about the scent--or lack thereof? 
Many people will probably tell you that unscented deodorant is the way to go because fragrances are made with artificial ingredients that can harm your skin and other parts of your body. However, that is something you should't fear when it comes to a natural and organic deodorant. These contain essential oils that are great for your body, but you also need to find the right scent that works well with your body chemistry. Some people will smell great with lavender, for instance. While it may trigger body odor for others. So try out a couple of scents and see what works best for you! 
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