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Why Sustainable Beauty Products are Important

We all have a role to play to ensure that the Earth can continue to flourish for years to come. We can make positive choices--starting with what we choose to buy and use for ourselves. There's no denying that sustainable beauty products are good for you, and good for the environment.  
Sustainable beauty products are made with natural ingredients 
The usual cosmetics use synthetic ingredients like dyes, parabens, oxybenzone, and micro-beads, which are all notorious for harming your health and negatively impacting the environment. On contrary, you can trust that sustainable beauty products contain natural ingredients thoughtfully taken from the earth, giving you nothing but goodness than effectively transforms your skin. 
Sustainable beauty products are kind to animals 
Unfortunately, your usual beauty products exist after its manufacturers have used animals for testing their ingredients and checking for possible reactions and irritations to human consumers. This process can be so torturous and inhumane--it can even cause death for some of our furry friends. 

So you may be wondering, how do companies of sustainable beauty products test the efficacy of their products, then? These companies use modern science for this process, such as vitro tests or conducting clinical studies. Some often choose to stick by ingredients that are already determined to be safe, so they don't have to find the need for testing.  
Sustainable beauty products are packaged without making much impact on the environment 
The resources it takes to produce packaging for your usual beauty products is insane--water, trees, plastic, metal, glass, and energy. And the worst part is that once they're finished, most of these packaging end up being sent to landfills, making up 70% of the industry's waste. All these processes also result in the loss of wildlife habitats, as well as deforestation, which is a significant contributor to climate change. On the other hand, sustainable beauty products are packaged with recyclable materials, avoiding the consequences that unrenewable packaging can bring. 
It's time to be more mindful about the ingredients of your skincare products. And in most cases, the simpler the ingredients are, the better. Look for natural and organic ingredients that undergo fewer processes as possible to preserve their natural goodness. 
If you're looking for products that will have you toxin-free, and ultimately, worry-free, shop now at www.zafra.com! Every item has been checked under rigorous standards to make sure that what arrives in your doorstep is completely sustainable and good for you. 

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