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Your New Fall Skin Regimen: How to Repair Summer Skin Damage

We now trade swimsuits for scarves and think back fondly on all those fun in the sun summer memories. But what if those memories are written all over your face? Sun damage. It happens to the best of us.

But you can still save your skin and get glowing in the middle of the cold. Here are some tips you can try! 

Focus on exfoliation

The summer sun may have given you a beautiful tan but it has also likely caused you dry and dull skin. Over time, dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin will begin to build up, resulting in a blotchy complexion. Proper exfoliation can help you with getting rid of these dead skin cells. For the most advantageous results, gentle exfoliators containing chemical-free ingredients are your best option.

Apply more sunscreen even when the sun’s out

It’s easy to fall under the spell that only visible sun requires sunscreen. But that is definitely not true. The sun still does damage to your skin to an extent, even when you cannot see it. With constant application of sunscreen, you will stop the process of additional damage and start to reverse what you've already accumulated. Try to look for sunscreen variants that are made with natural and organic ingredients like the Alba Botanica sunscreen range.

Brighten your skin and fade away dark spots

Notice the brown marks on your skin? This discoloration is likely your skin's reaction to excessive UV radiation. When your face has had enough of the sun, it overproduces melanin and causes hyperpigmentation. For effective skin brightening, you can try out products that are rich in Vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant and fights free radicals that cause skin darkening.

Deep cleanse religiously 

Just because the cold weather is not causing you to sweat as much as during the summer season, it doesn’t mean your face no longer needs that much deep cleansing. By removing all makeup nightly, your skin can breathe, renew itself and better prepare skin for other products. It will also keep your skin looking bright and free of blocked pores. Try using natural and organic cleansers that are gentle on even the most sensitive skin while still effectively getting rid of the gunk.

Moisturize at night

At night, your skin goes through a process to help repair and regenerate itself, keeping you looking young. Moisturizing with natural and organic products aids this process by supplying the skin with the cleanest essential nutrition. These chemical-free products will also help keep your skin moist and hydrated, which prevents your skin from drying, flaking and building up bacteria that could cause acne.

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