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10 Reasons to Love Natural Skincare

Living a healthy lifestyle is much more than just a balanced diet. It is being healthy inside-out. That is why it is important to choose your skin care products carefully while taking into consideration their impact on your skin.  


1. Natural Skincare does not contain harmful ingredients

One of the most important factors that go against the use of synthetic skincare products is that they are very poorly regulated. Many synthetic skincare products contain legally banned ingredients that can cause damage to your skin. Some of them are Formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, etc. These chemicals and fragrances can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. They can cause an imbalance in the pH levels of the skin. Natural and organic products NEVER contain these toxins. 

2. Natural Skincare boasts time-tested and proven results

Several ingredients that find their place in modern, organic skincare products have been developed from ancient remedies that are have been in use for centuries due to their incredible benefits for the skin. These ingredients have stood the test time, guaranteeing healthy, beautiful skin.


3. Natural Skincare serves as your skin's food 

The skin is very absorbent. When you use skin care products such as moisturizers, cleansers and toners, they get absorbed into your body through the skin. Toxins have destructive implications while natural products that are made from flower and plant extracts nourish your body and are great for keeping your skin well-fed, or rather, soft and supple.


4. Natural Skincare is non-allergenic 

For many people with sensitive skin trying to find skin care products that will not cause allergic reactions, inflammations or irritations is always a struggle. The good news is that all natural, organic skincare products contain no harsh chemicals that cause the common skin problems. 

5. Natural Skincare is never tested on animals 

Because of the belief that no product should impact any part of nature in a harmful way, natural skincare products are not being tested on animals.  


6. Natural Skincare is eco-friendly

From the ingredients of a product to the packaging, there are many things that can damage the environment. The substances used in artificial products are usually grown using chemical fertilizers and heavy use of pesticides way beyond the recommended level. Natural skincare products that use substances that are grown organically are safe for the environment. They also use packaging that is made of recyclable material.


7. Natural Skincare is often hand-made


These products are often prepared by hand in tiny batches just for you. Passionate people who advocate the use of toxin-free products dedicate their time and energy to make sure that more individuals get to enjoy the goodness of nature's ingredients. When you choose to buy their products, you directly get to support their cause as well as their local small business from which they thrive and survive.   


8. Natural Skincare allows you to appreciate the basics


Your body will always thank you when you go back to basics--whether that's detoxing your diet, shifting lifestyles, or choosing simple ingredients in your skincare products. It will enables you to feel good using products that you know are healthy, because you know what's in them. Trust us, you'll never want to go back!

9. Natural Skincare is not expensive 

Because of the growing competition on the market of organic products and awareness of their necessity, there are many affordable skincare brands now. Also, investing in, say, 100 percent pure face masks will definitely be worthwhile because healthy and glowing skin is priceless.

10. Natural Skincare is easier to find than you think

One of the factors that hold back people from switching to natural skincare is the inaccessibility of certain products. However, times have changed. Many natural skin care products are available with a click of a button and delivered straight to your doorstep, making your shopping trip that much easier. Zafra is home to an incredible variety of natural skincare products you'll love! Start shopping for your natural skincare needs now!

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